wastewater grinder cleaning method July 4,2019.
Overview of the cleaning method:

The wastewater grinder is a kind of water treatment equipment. It is mainly to treat impurities in water and pollutants, bacteria, viruses, etc. However, as a water treatment equipment, he has a common problem that is long-term use of water treatment equipment to form equipment pollution. If the timely cleaning of reverse osmosis equipment is not carried out, the factors such as the drop in water quality and unstable water production will simply occur. Let us understand the cleaning method of reverse osmosis equipment today.

Introduction to the crushing type grid cleaning method:

There are two main methods for smashing the grinder cleaning: online cleaning methods and offline cleaning methods.

Online cleaning method:

This method is mainly for cleaning large-scale reverse osmosis equipment. Because of the large size of this equipment, if the specific cleaning comparison is cumbersome and not easy to operate, online cleaning is a highly automated cleaning method. If the demand is stopped, the large structure of the equipment can be cleaned. However, the cleaning effect of this method is not very ambition. If the equipment is seriously polluted, it is still required to clean the line to ensure the cleaning effect.

Offline cleaning method:

The offline cleaning method is mainly to deal with the serious cleaning method of equipment pollution. Together with some small equipments, it is also suitable for processing. Although this method is cumbersome, this method has a very good effect and the cleaning effect is completely The first application is that in some equipment, the pollution contrast is serious, even on the equipment with small construction volume contrast.
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